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1 week one of pregnancy

week one of pregnancy

In obstetric practice the first week one of pregnancy is considered the first day of the last menstrual period. This is due to the difficulty of determining the exact date of the date of conception. On this term fetus in 90% of cases does not yet exist.

Since the beginning of the menstrual cycle in a woman’s body changes begin to occur that prepare her to conceive. Ideally, ovulation should occur on the 12th day, but sometimes ripened egg is released from the follicle at the 7 th or 21-day cycle. This depends on the characteristics of the female body.

Features and sensations week one of pregnancy

At the stage of the egg begins preparation for fertilization. At this time there is a change in hormonal levels, which can go unnoticed for the expectant mother. Therefore, the characteristic signs of pregnancy, such as breast tenderness or nausea during this period no. Despite the fact that a woman does not feel anything special this week is crucial. All physiological changes may determine the course of further development of the pregnancy. On whether the uterus sufficiently prepared to secure the embryo depends on the normal development of the fetus.

child in the picture ultrasound

HCG hormone levels on this term is not big enough, so the test may show a negative result. A woman can not even guess about her pregnancy. Her body just starts preparing for a major hormonal changes.

Recommendations expectant mother, nutrition

If the parents are confident in their desire to conceive a child, they will have to prepare for it mentally and understand the responsibility. For normal conception and development of the fetus, both parents must give up poisons: exclude alcohol and smoking. Medications both parents must be approved by your doctor, since it is known that some drugs can cause irreversible changes in the body and affect conception.

In the planning period of pregnancy can not do X-ray examinations and necessary to avoid contact with sick people. If pregnancy is planned during the cold season, the expectant mother should protect themselves from the cold. All stressful situations may adversely affect the future health of the expectant mother and the child.

It is important to strengthen the immune system. The diet of women should be included important vitamins and minerals. It is especially important for the development of the fetus in the presence of food folic acid and iodine. A woman who has decided to have a baby before conception should visit a therapist, gynecologist, ophthalmologist, dentist. Consultation of specialists will help prevent complications during childbearing.

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