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10 week ten of pregnancy

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What’s happening

The tenth week of conception linked to improvements in women. Disappear discomfort: nausea, morning headache. This is due to a number of changes taking place in the placenta. Spiral arteries involved in the blood supply to the fetus, increasing in width in this period is 10-15 times and become insensitive to the effects of vasoconstrictor hormones (adrenaline and others.). Between mother and fetus is getting better blood flow to the intensive 10 week of pregnancy. Placenta actively synthesizes hormones, replacing in this regard the corpus luteum. Last begins involyutsionirovat (fade) with 10 weeks of pregnancy. At 12 weeks of pregnancy midwife are particularly important hormones such as cortisol, progesterone, hCG. Formed elements of the reflex arc of the nervous system of the fetus — a child can perform simple, but not yet coordinated movements. His brain has the same units as the adult human brain, with the exception of the cerebral cortex. At 10 weeks of gestation sensitivity of the respiratory center to carbon dioxide becomes higher, so the mother must try as much as possible to be outdoors.

Dedicated to the 10 week of pregnancy

Hormonal changes lead to an increase in the amount of discharge from the genital tract. These secretions mucous, colorless, with no unpleasant odor. Also characterized by variations in temperature during the day, not exceeding 0,5-0,7 ° C.

Stomach 10 weeks pregnant

Stomach during this period increased slightly. The uterus rises out of the pelvis. It can be palpated above the vagina as a solid rounded education. Characterized by the appearance of hyperpigmentation stripes on the white line of the abdomen (from the navel down), and pigmentation of the nipples and peripapillary zone. It is associated with increased melanocyte stimulating hormone. After birth, these changes disappear.

Fruit week ten of pregnancy

Fruit size of about 6 cm, weight approximately 20 grams. Child’s brain is actively involved in the synthesis of hormones. Thus, the development of the fetus is accompanied by intense activity of the pituitary. For a period of 10 weeks from conception, he already produces TSH and ACTH. The first of these causes the development of the thyroid gland, as appropriate maternal hormones do not pass through the placenta to the fetus. Thyroid-stimulating hormone and thyroid hormones are involved in ossification (bone formation) of the skeleton. In the body of the child appear first sections of bone tissue that replaces cartilage. Moreover, TTG provides adequate development of the nervous system. The second hormone — ACTH — stimulates the adrenal glands, triggering the formation of cortisol. Without it, the lung tissue of the child matures.


One of the most important tests is to determine the amount of TSH mother during this period. HCG and progesterone allows to suspect possible bias in child development, chromosomal aberrations (violations). The screening for all women up to 12 weeks midwifery.

Also, the doctor determines the level of blood electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium and chlorine). Their number has a direct impact on the acid-base balance of blood. Such an analysis is also required, as coagulation. Her figures say about the state of the blood coagulation system of the pregnant woman.

Ultrasound at 10 weeks of gestation

Ultrasound on this term is a kind of gold standard in the conduct of the pregnant woman. With the help of ultrasound diagnosed gross congenital malformations in this period. Deciphering chromosomal pathology is possible due to the presence of so-called ehomarkerov — special distinguishing features, outstanding diagnostician. The latter include: swelling of the collar, the absence of the nasal bone, fetal hydrops, the discrepancy coccyx-rump length (CTE) in pregnancy. On 12 obstetric week CTE is on average 53 mm.

Obstetric Ultrasonography of third Month Fetus

Pain at 10 weeks of gestation

Cramping abdominal pain, accompanied by the release of blood from the genital tract, are characteristic of incipient abortion or abortion in progress. Pain during urination, and frequent urination is a sign of cystitis. Minor pain, passing in the supine position, indicate tension uterine ligaments. To clarify the nature of pain should see a gynecologist.

Disease at 10 weeks of pregnancy

Cold — a large group of diseases of the upper respiratory tract, which may occur in pregnant women. If we are talking about a small rhinitis or tonsillitis, similar diseases are treated great local media (nasal drops, gargling) and taking vitamins. Should be wary of diseases caused by bacteria, such as strep throat. Such states are accompanied by fever, pronounced pain, hyperemia of the pharynx and others. Also dangerous are allergic rhinitis, laryngitis and bronchitis, as the reception of many drugs against allergies is contraindicated during pregnancy. If a sore lower back, should perform ultrasound of the kidneys to eliminate the infection in them. Lower back ache and can in normal pregnancy due to the increased load on the back muscles. The woman increases the weight changes load on the spine, so the body responds this way. It is advisable to sleep on memory foam mattresses, and be sure to rest during the day.


Do not give up sex for 10 weeks of pregnancy. Importantly, eliminate posture in which a man presses on your stomach or penetrates deep into the vagina (eg, missionary position, and others.). Sex in this period plays a role and relaxing.


Try to eat a fractional and often consume plenty of fluids. Include in your diet beef, tongue and liver. Remarkably fit and lean boiled beef, rich in protein. Eat cheese — is the source of the essential amino acid methionine. Fruits and vegetables are also needed. Cereals useful use of buckwheat. White and brown bread is best eaten yesterday, avoiding fresh baking.

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