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11 week eleven of pregnancy

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What’s happening

A woman comes in 2 trimester of pregnancy. From the 11th week of pregnancy begins a period of intensive growth of the fetus and placenta. In this case, there is a directly proportional relationship between the growth of the child and the utero-placental blood flow, as well as the content in the mother’s nutrients. At 13 weeks of pregnancy midwife continues to increase the mass of the placenta. This is due to the formation of new villi. What happens in this case? Each week, the placenta weight increases by 10 grams. At 11 weeks of pregnancy begin to form the placenta specific structural units in the form of slices — cotyledons, or platsentony. Cotyledons are separated by partitions — septa. Each slice of the placenta contains capillary vessels.

One of the dangers faced by women in the second trimester — a late miscarriage. His reasons may be chromosomal abnormalities that developed isthmic-cervical (cervical pathology) or placental insufficiency.

Feelings week eleven of pregnancy

Feelings of women in this period need careful analysis. Particular attention should be paid to increasing the pressure, turbidity urine or swelling, as they may indicate pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia.


Dedicated to the 11 week of pregnancy do not change. Some women report an increase in their number. However, as in previous cases, the separation should not have an unpleasant odor, or puruloid be colored. Body temperature — an indicator of non-specific. If it is kept at subfebrile (to 37.5) and at the same time you feel well, do not worry. However, if the temperature is above or have other symptoms, seek medical help.

Stomach 11 weeks pregnant

The uterus is enlarged and easily palpable through the front wall of the abdomen. Abdominal circumference gradually increasing. However, these figures are different for every woman.

Fetus at 11 weeks’ gestation

At 11 weeks from conception fetal pancreatic lipase is produced, and also appear differentiated beta cells can synthesize insulin. Fetus at 11 weeks’ gestation weighs about 20 grams. There is an intensive growth of the body in slow growth of the head. This week they are approximately equal in size. The size of the fetus up to 7 cm. However, further development of the fetus takes place at their own pace, so the assessment of the coccyx-rump length loses its diagnostic value. A person acquires the characteristics of the child, which also sets it apart from the embryo.

  Respiratory movements in a child there now. During respiration small amount of amniotic fluid into the lungs. This is necessary for normal development.

Assays for 11 weeks of pregnancy

HCG during this period partly loses its meaning. It synthesizes only part of the cells of the placenta. While in the first place there is another protein hormone — placental lactogen. It increases the number almost doubled compared to the previous week, and if you will be tested for 11 weeks of gestation, the number of submarines will be about 1500 ng / ml. HCG remains unchanged. Placental lactogen is responsible for carbohydrate and lipid metabolism mother, energy metabolism and ossification (bone formation) fetal bones.

  Number of progesterone on 13-16 obstetric week is 130-140 nmol / L. This figure also increased, though not as rapidly as the submarine. If the screening hitherto not performed for some reasons, it can be performed at 11 weeks of gestation.

Ultrasound at 11 weeks of gestation

Ultrasound at 11 weeks of pregnancy is carried out according to the indications. naprimerNaprimer if the woman did not do ultrasound in the first trimester, or is suspected intrauterine growth retardation, fetal hypoxia, the threat of late abortion, and so on. d. Also allows you to decrypt certain ehomarkerov suspected diseases such as Down syndrome, Edwards, Patau et al., however, ultrasound is not definitive method of diagnosis. Its interpretation is an indication for a deeper and more comprehensive survey of women.

Ultrasound of fetus 3 months in the womb

Pain at 11 weeks of gestation

Pain at 11 weeks of gestation should be carefully evaluated. For example, frequent headaches may indicate hypertension. Cardialgia (heart pain) — on the defeat of the cardiovascular system, and so on. D. Pregnant women may also have surgical pathology (particularly common acute cholecystitis), which is also accompanied by pain. Pay attention to the intensity, location, nature of pain, the factors that trigger pain. If the pain is accompanied by any other symptoms (discharge from the genital tract, fever, dyspepsia, and others.), You need to contact your doctor.

Disease at 11 weeks of pregnancy can affect the respiratory tract of a woman (the common cold), endocrine (gestational diabetes), urinary, immune (gestosis) and other systems. Hypotension ureters as a result of high levels of progesterone on the background of general immunosuppression often leads to the development of a one- or two-sided pyelonephritis. In this case, loin pain, with fever, change in color and consistency of urine (becomes turbid). Any disease in need of early detection and treatment.


Sex in the second trimester is contraindicated only if you feel unwell mother or threatened abortion (sex can trigger uterine contractions). In all other cases, you can safely be sexually active.

The intensive growth of the child should be correlated with the nutritional status of women. Maternal nutrition is important in the prevention of intrauterine growth retardation, so do not be afraid to gain weight — eat often enough portions.

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