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12 week twelve of pregnancy

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What’s happening

14 weeks of pregnancy, obstetric — an important time for women. Gradually she increased the volume of the anterior pituitary. It is necessary to have at 12 weeks from conception in women accumulated a sufficient amount of prolactin. It was he largely responsible for the increase in the mammary glands during pregnancy. In the future development of this hormone will contribute to the formation of milk needed to feed the baby after birth.


12 weeks of pregnancy is accompanied by positive feelings. Many mothers say they already feel the baby growing inside. However, this psychological phenomenon. Fetal movement at 12 weeks of gestation has not yet been observed.


Dedicated to the 12th week of pregnancy remain the same. It is important to assess their color, quantity, smell. Allocation should not be accompanied by unpleasant sensations or drawing pains. Woman should continue to monitor blood pressure and temperature. The pressure should be lower than your usual numbers and normal temperature or low-grade but not exceed 37,5 ° C.

Belly at 12 weeks of pregnancy

Belly rounded noticeable to others, if a woman does not wear loose clothing. Already at this time may appear stretch marks (striae). To avoid them, it is necessary to use a special cosmetics or oils. The uterus is palpable above the vagina.

Fetus at 12 weeks’ gestation: the size of the development

The size of the fetus during this period about 9 cm. It moves actively, can use facial muscles, while the embryo is almost immobile. Fetal development is closely linked with the second wave of invasion cytotrophoblast (cells in the part of the placenta), which synthesize the protein structure of matter. Increases blood flow to the baby, further reduced resistance to blood flow. Consequently, the child gets more nutrients and oxygen needed for its rapid growth.

In the kidney, the child begins to operate the loop of Henle, which is responsible for filtering urine. Necessary substances are reabsorbed in the tubules of the loop, unnecessary excreted in the urine in the amniotic fluid. At 12 weeks’ gestation in the male fetus is formed special protrusion of the peritoneum — processus vaginalis. Later, he is involved in lowering the testicle from the abdomen into the scrotum. Violations at this stage leads to cryptorchidism — a condition in which the testicles are not left out in the scrotum.

Skeletal system continues to evolve, shaped edges. The child is breathing, swallowing amniotic water.

Assays week twelve of pregnancy

Analysis at 12 weeks of pregnancy will show an increase in placental lactogen to about 1550 ng / mL increase in the level of fibrinogen on coagulogram. Also during this period there is the peak number of α-fetoprotein in amniotic fluid (about 23 mg / l).

Ultrasound at 12 weeks of pregnancy

This is a crucial and pivotal moment for mothers who have the first ultrasound was revealed any pathology. For example, indirect signs of hereditary diseases. In this case, at 12 weeks reevaluate fetal nuchal translucency. The detection of chromosomal abnormalities or severe malformations doctor may suggest abortion. When the question is of such a serious manipulation, the US have to be confirmed by amniocentesis — fence amniotic fluid for biochemical, immunological, hormonal and genetic research. Interpretation of the results reflects the status of the fetus.

ultrasound fetus

Pain at 12 weeks of pregnancy

Disease at 12 weeks of pregnancy is not as dangerous as in the first trimester. Nevertheless, viral diseases such as measles or herpes, are able to induce various pathologies, such as splitting of the hard palate. Cold is the best treatment bed rest and a warm drink, avoiding the use of antibiotics. If you have a sore lower back, and the other symptoms of the disease is not present, then try to pick up a comfortable shoes, more rest. If your work requires prolonged standing on his feet (hairdresser, dealer et al.), It is best to take a vacation at his own expense. Increased load on the back muscles manifested by pain. Muscle pain is not a disease, but is associated with pregnancy.


If you do not bother and sexual desire arises, you can satisfy it. However, if after sex appeared discomfort, you should consult a gynecologist, and in the future refrain from intimacy. Diet should not be changed. Needless to strictly limit yourself to food. If there was a desire something to eat — eat it. The main thing is not to abuse such desires and to continue to control their weight. Remember to use products that contain enough iron.

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