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15 obstetric week of pregnancy in women continues to increase blood volume. This is due to the growth of uterine-platsentaranogo circulation, increasing blood supply to the breast enlargement, varicose veins. The blood is deposited (stored) in the venous vessels. At 13 weeks of pregnancy occurs so-called hemodilution (dilution) of blood as the liquid portion of the blood volume increases more than the number of formed elements (red cells, white cells and al.). Therefore, at 13 weeks from conception may appear nosebleeds, feeling short of breath and other symptoms. Everything that happens to a woman, should not frighten her. At 13 weeks of pregnancy continues to decrease iron levels should be monitored this indicator.

By the 13th week of pregnancy, the amount of breaths women increased by 40%, and respiratory minute volume up to 11 l / min. All this means that the room where you are constantly must be the inflow of fresh air. In winter, a mandatory part of ventilation.

Body temperature may rise in infectious diseases (colds), and for no apparent reason. In the latter case, the body temperature is increased by not more than half a degree.


Dedicated to the 13 week of pregnancy bright, not liquid, may have a slight sour smell. How to control the state of discharge? Simply laying them on the estimate for each day.

Stomach 13 weeks pregnant

Every woman child develops individually. Therefore, someone can be pronounced belly and someone slightly smoothed waist. The uterus acts on one-half inch above the vagina. You are free to probe it, it will not hurt the baby.

Fetus at 13 weeks’ gestation

Bone marrow and spleen of the fetus begin to participate in hematopoiesis. First it was engaged in the liver. By the 13th week of fetal blood appear red blood cells and their precursors — lymphocytic cells responsible for immunity. Allantoic circulation (via the protrusion of the primary cancer), are the basis for the embryo disappears. All the needs of the fetus at 13 weeks of pregnancy the placenta provides. Assays for 13 weeks of pregnancy include studies listed below.
 — Determination of B-subunit of hCG. Its number is 14.1 ng / ml.
 — The blood glucose level. Starting from the 13th week of its level after a night’s rest is significantly lower than it was before pregnancy. Therefore, the signs of hypoglycemia may occur in pregnant women with relatively normal glucose value (3.3 mmol / l).
 — Level of electrolytes in the blood. Drastically reduced the amount of calcium and phosphorus, which go to form bones of the fetus.
 — The concentration of iron. Of the iron goes to the child for the synthesis of fetal hemoglobin. Therefore its concentration in women reduced to 10.6 mmol / l.
 — Progesterone is determined rarely.


Screening in the second trimester can be carried out from 15th to 20th obstetric week. Therefore, plan your time well to get to the doctor during this period. This screening continues research started in the first trimester. It uses a two-phase integral test. In the first trimester nuchal translucency thickness is determined by the level of placental protein, the second — alpha-fetoprotein, hCG, estriol and inhibin A. The diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities in up to 90%.

Ultrasound at 13 weeks of gestation

Coccyx-rump length of the fetus, determined by ultrasound, ceases to perform an informative function. Estimated fetal development on other grounds: biparietal diameter (between the parietal bones), abdominal circumference, femur length. Normally transcript ultrasound on this term is as follows:
 — biparietal diameter — 28 mm;
 — abdominal circumference of 72 mm;
 — femur length — 16 mm.

Ultrasound pregnancy

Pain at 13 weeks of gestation

There may be nagging and aching in the legs, swelling and fatigue when walking. These features are characteristic of this disease at 13 weeks of gestation, as varicose veins. It often develops due to increased CBV in the second trimester, or compression of the inferior vena cava uterus in the third. The disease can seriously complicate the health of the pregnant, should therefore be conservative or surgical treatment. If a sore lower back, it is necessary to exclude renal disease. For this woman passes urine test before each turnout to the gynecologist. Sex is allowed if there are no contraindications.


Meals women should include plenty of vitamins, especially vitamin E, as it participates in the right course of pregnancy. For an adequate hemoglobin synthesis food should be rich in vitamins C, B, B2, B12, PP and folic acid. Alcoholic beverages should not be consumed, since the products of metabolism of ethanol freely pass through the placental barrier.

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