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What’s happening

At 14 weeks of pregnancy the woman is a relative iodine deficiency. The need for iodine increases the mother’s body. This is due to two factors: increased urinary iodine excretion at 14 weeks of pregnancy and the cost of the needs of the child. HCG has a small effect of thyrotropin, thyroid so few women increases. At 14 weeks of pregnancy under the influence of hormones of the placenta in the liver increases the synthesis of thyroxine binding globulin. All of the above means that the woman in this period is vital to the consumption of foods rich in iodine, as well as multivitamins.

Psychologically the second trimester, and especially 14 weeks from conception characterized by the appearance of gestational dominant. This means that all the feelings and interests of women linked to the future birth of a child, his patient management, and education. Everything else fades into the background.

16 weeks of pregnancy midwife — a period when the placenta ceases to outpace the growth of the fetus. Wiggling sensation during this period tend to occur in previously parous women. Generally, fetal movements in women with pregnancy appear first obstetric 18-20 week. If you have 14 weeks of pregnancy, fetal movements can be isolated and weak.

The body temperature during this period is increased by 0.1-0.2 degrees as metabolism is enhanced. Take your temperature twice a day. Allocation by 14 weeks of pregnancy are the same as the previous week. Changing the selection will take place only at the end of pregnancy.

Stomach 14 weeks pregnant

Belly nulliparous rounded, tapered multiparous. In the second case, it is more noticeable. Fundus (upper part) is located midway between the vagina and the navel. The constant increase in uterine inevitably entails constipation, so try to eat more fiber and avoiding foods that cause bloating.

Fetus at 14 weeks’ gestation

The child constantly makes swallowing movements. His digestive system is almost formed. The colon is filled with meconium — original feces. However, in the amniotic fluid it is not supplied. Detection of meconium in the amniotic fluid — always a sign of pathology, such as fetal hypoxia. Urinary system formed earlier and continues to operate in an intense pace. The small size of the bladder affect the frequent emptying. During the day the baby urinates about 30 times. Child development continues, the eyes take proper place on the face, while the embryo eye bubbles are on the side. Fruit size individual, but the weight of his should not be less than 100 grams. Sex of the child is clearly determined by ultrasound.

Assays for 14 weeks of pregnancy

In addition to the usual for women blood and urine tests before each visit to the doctor is possible delivery of analyzes on the hormone content. For screening, the definition of the following hormones:
 — placental lactogen (14 week 2 200 ± 170 ng / ml);
 — progesterone (16 weeks 130.6 + 9.6 nmol / l);
 — estradiol (12,0-21,5 nmol / l);
 — cortisol (392-428 nmol / L);

Of particular importance for screening has platsentrany lactogen. Its decrease indicates intrauterine fetal development, its hypoxia and others. However, a cheaper method for screening — ultrasound.

Ultrasound at 14 weeks of gestation

When the ultrasound the doctor evaluates the growth of the fetus, diagnose malformations, early forms of IUGR, estimates the location, thickness and structure of the placenta. The study size of the fetus during this period is called fetometry. Normal levels at 14 weeks from conception as follows:
 — biparietal diameter — 32 mm;
 — abdominal circumference — 78 mm;
 — femur length — 20 mm.

Pain at 14 weeks of gestation

In this period the decrease in production of the substance interleukin-1 (IL-1) is responsible for the immune system and the reaction temperature, so even a common cold can occur in pregnant women harder than other terms. Pain localized in any department must undergo differentiation. Unfortunately, there are all kinds of 14 weeks of surgical and medical diseases. If you have a stomach ache, it could be a sign of exacerbated chronic gastritis. It is characterized by pain «in his stomach», dyspeptic symptoms (nausea, violation of the chair, rumbling in the stomach, and others.). Exacerbation of chronic gastritis during pregnancy occurs in more than half of women.

Weight women

Weight women continues to grow — this is normal, so do not limit the power. Also, you can safely have sex up to 32 obstetric week.

Missed abortion

This condition is typical of the embryonic period of development of the child and is intrauterine death of the embryo. In the second trimester is rare. The reasons for missed abortion may be infected with cytomegalovirus, human papilloma virus. Women celebrate termination fetal movements, two weeks there bleeding from the genital tract. Ultrasound helps to diagnose the condition.

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