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15 week fifteen of pregnancy

Pregnant happy woman touching stomach

What’s happening

From 17 weeks of pregnancy obstetric lobules of the breast women increases even more, they appear fat inclusions. By the 15th week from conception all women notice dark stripes on the abdomen hyperpigmentation and darkening of the areola and nipple peripapillary. However, 15 weeks of pregnancy may be accompanied by another phenomenon — chloasma. This hyperpigmentation of the skin. On the cheeks, lip, chin appear dark spots. It is also associated with increased melanocyte stimulating hormone. Many women 15 weeks of pregnancy is calm, without stress and anxiety. At 15 weeks of pregnancy are rare irregular painless uterine contractions. They do not carry any load sense. During the 15th week of pregnancy, a woman gains about 250-300 grams of weight. Kid actively consumes phosphorus and calcium, taking it out of the mother’s body. What is the result? On this term may be carious lesions of teeth. Afraid to go to the dentist should not be, because modern anesthetics can eliminate discomfort during dental treatment and do not harm the baby.


Fetal movements felt by the mother for the first time in about 16-20 weeks in women with a first pregnancy and at 14-15 week in women who have been pregnant before. Count fetal movements is an important method of observing his condition. If you have 15 weeks of pregnancy, fetal movements should not weaken. Decreased activity of the fetus can be caused by chronic intrauterine hypoxia and IUGR or may herald the death of the fetus. This is called a missed abortion. Missed abortion in the future leads to abortion.

Placenta at 15 weeks starts to lag behind the growth of the child, that does not prevent her to cope with their functions. Baby move helped him receive adequate blood supply needs.


Dedicated to the 15th week of pregnancy are more abundant. But not enough to cause significant discomfort. Continue to monitor the nature of the discharge. Body temperature does not change as compared to 14 weeks, it can range 36,2-37,5 ° C. Focus more on your feelings than the reading.

Belly at 15 weeks of pregnancy

The height of the uterus about 6-7 cm. It increases both in height and in width and occupies a middle position between the vagina and the navel. Slow growth in the abdomen.

Fetus at 15 weeks’ gestation

Fetus at 15 weeks of pregnancy are actively moving, frowns, clasps his hands in fists, thumb-sucking. Sex of the child is clearly visible on ultrasound. The size of the fruit an average of 13 cm, weight 135-145 grams. Fetal development implies the beginning of formation of subcutaneous fat. In the body of the baby starts stocking brown oil, which, unlike the white fat has a higher energy capacity and better splits.

Adrenal cortex differentiates the child and gradually increases in size. Baby teeth are covered dentin — the basic tooth tissue.

Analysis at 15 weeks of pregnancy

A woman passes inspection at the gynecologist every two weeks. If up to this point the woman has not passed the secondary screen, it’s time to do them. Screening identifies intrauterine fetal infection, hypoxia, intrauterine growth retardation.

If women find any pathology that could affect the structure or function of the placenta, and thus adversely affect the viability of the fetus, it is determined hormonal profile. Analyzed figures estradiol, estriol, placental lactogen, progesterone. Glucose level is determined according to indications.

Ultrasound at 15 weeks of pregnancy

Ultrasound on this term necessarily performed with Doppler velocimetry. The latter allows to estimate not only the size of the fetus, its status and gender, but also features the bloodstream, which is especially important for the early diagnosis of the fetoplacental circulation. The doctor performing the ultrasound, said the pregnancy, holds fetometry — definition of indicators characterizing the development of the fetus.

Obstetric Ultrasound of fetus at fourth month. Echography Scan

Pain at 15 weeks of pregnancy

The uterus continues to grow in height, so not intensive nagging pain — a normal variant. Fetus has already formed the immune system, so cold the mother does not have it a strong negative influence. However, take care of their health care costs, since the immune system of the fetus is very imperfect. He is not a local and specific immunity and immature immune cells themselves. If you do not have a stomach ache, you can afford and sex, and your favorite fruits and vegetables as a supplementary food. Weight continues to increase. Try to measure it at the end of each week.

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