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16 week sixteen of pregnancy

Pregnant female in summer park

What’s happening

At 16 weeks of gestation in a woman’s body begins to increase again the concentration of the active substance — interleukin-1, the function of which is to protect women against infection. Given the general weakening of the immune system during pregnancy, this mechanism starts in a timely manner. At 18 weeks of pregnancy obstetric doubles thyroid hormones, a woman’s body creates a kind of reserve required for the growth and development of the fetus. A woman should bear in mind that at 16 weeks of pregnancy starts to develop the central nervous system of the fetus, therefore it is necessary to avoid exposure to any negative factors. And 16 weeks of pregnancy characterized by decreased muscle tone of the internal organs. Perhaps you have experienced problems with a chair before, but now they have become more visible. Increased progesterone reduces peristalsis pregnant woman. So 16 weeks from conception becomes the period when rumbling in the stomach and constipation can affect your mood.

Also on this term varies belkovosinteticheskaya liver function. Globulin proteins must bind to the great amount of hormones that are released in the body of a woman. While the number of other proteins — albumin — is reduced.

Feeling perturbation

Feeling fetal movements at 16 weeks of pregnancy occur in almost all women. Many sites write that so he gladly welcomes his mom. However, the biological mechanisms are very different. The fact is that when 16 weeks of pregnancy, fetal movements are protective and adaptive reactions. If reduced blood flow in the placenta, the child receives less glucose. He responds to this increased movement of limbs. Mother feels them as a perturbation. Reflex effect on the receptors of the placenta and the uterine wall leads to increased uteroplacental blood flow, the child receives the necessary energy resources and weaken perturbation.


Allocation remains colorless, their number slightly increased, body temperature can rise slightly or remain normal. Main — not to miss a sharp rise in temperature and other symptoms of infectious diseases.

Belly at 16 weeks of pregnancy

Fundus on this term more rises, but has not yet reached the navel. Woman belly begins to grow rapidly. Up to 16 weeks, he could even be noticeable, but now hide her pregnancy from others (if you so desire, and there was) no longer work.

Fetus at 16 weeks of pregnancy

The process of formation of internal and external genitalia continues. It will come to the end of 18 weeks of pregnancy from conception. Also during this period the child begin to appear prerequisites for higher nervous activity. In particular, increasing the area of the limbic cortex of the brain. And the brain is divided into front and rear sections. Its weight is 67 grams. The size of the fetus is individual and determined by ultrasound (average 15 cm).

By 16 weeks of the child’s thyroid gland is completely differentiated and actively functioning. In the amniotic fluid is determined by its hormone — thyroxine.

Sex of the child

The child stands intensely male testosterone. It is necessary to convert the sexual center (located in the hypothalamus) in men. The boy is being protected from excessive accumulation of female sex hormones. If the same security mechanisms do not work, it may result in a violation of differentiation of the reproductive system (increased risk of testicular cancer develops male psevodogermafroditizm et al.).

Assays, at 16 weeks gestation

One of the most important tests for this week is to determine the level of alpha-fetoprotein. It is necessary for screening disorders of sexual differentiation of the fetus. Especially if the child’s sex — male. It is this hormone binds excessive amounts of female hormones in the body of the boy.

Ultrasound at 16 weeks of pregnancy

16-18 week ultrasound is performed again. This examination is held once a woman in each trimester of pregnancy. And on the testimony and more. Results of US normal at week 16 are as follows:
 — size between the protruding mounds parietal bones — 39 mm;
 — abdominal circumference — 108 mm;
 — femur length — 27.

Obstetric Ultrasonography Ultrasound Echography of a first months fetus

Pain at 16 weeks of pregnancy

Cold at 16 weeks of pregnancy is not as dangerous as the level of interleukin gradually restored. But a woman’s body is in a state of immunosuppression (weakened immunity until the end of pregnancy), so risk their health is still not worth it. If you have a stomach ache, it could be due to the growth of the uterus and constipation. If you do not have a daily stool, see your doctor for help. From sex before 20 weeks is better to abstain, because at this point the child is the differentiation of the cerebral cortex and abrupt release of hormones into the blood stream it to anything. Meals women should be rich in iodine, calcium and phosphorus. But the flour is better not to abuse it. Want sweet — Eat fruits.

Weight at 16 weeks

Mother’s weight at 16 weeks is normally increased by 250 grams. Pay attention to the fetal movements, if you no longer feel them, it may indicate a missed abortion. Missed abortion — is intrauterine death of the baby. The doctor can diagnose this condition in time for an ultrasound.

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