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17 week seventeen of pregnancy

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What’s happening

Fetal movement at 17 weeks of pregnancy are becoming more active, which can not but affect the well-being of women. At 19 weeks of pregnancy midwife in a woman’s body accumulates nitrogen, this is due to the stable functioning of the excretory system of the fetus. To combat this phenomenon is enhanced renal blood flow. At 17 weeks of gestation there is a physiological tachycardia pregnant — rapid heart rate. In this period the number of 10-20 per minute higher than in non-pregnant women. A woman’s heart is experiencing increased load, not only due to tachycardia (heart has often decline), but also by increasing the circulating blood volume at 17 weeks from conception. Another 17 week of pregnancy a woman can give a nasty surprise — striae or stretch marks on the skin. In contrast, hyperpigmentation of the skin, stretch marks will stay with you for life, so do not forget about the daily care of the skin of the abdomen, breasts, thighs at 17 weeks of gestation. At the 5th month of pregnancy, the breasts begin to prepare for the future of lactation. Their mass is gradually increasing. By the end of the pregnancy, they will double that causes women mixed feelings.

Fetal movements

Fetal movements should please his mother, despite the slight discomfort they cause. After 17 weeks of pregnancy when fetal movements indicate that it continues to grow and develop normally. The kid can wake my mother at night with their movements, but usually it is more active during the day. The placenta continues to grow. Weekly weight of the placenta is increased by 10 grams due to new villi. However, the fruit is much ahead of its growth.

Dedicated to the 17 week of pregnancy

Continue to monitor the discharge. One of the most unpleasant diseases that occur in pregnancy — thrush. It is characterized by cheesy discharge with an unpleasant odor. The reason is the general decline in immune activity of the pregnant woman, therefore, fungal flora is actively breeding. Normally, are abundant colorless liquid separation at 17 weeks of gestation.

Stomach 17 weeks pregnant

Stomach during this period continued to grow. This causes the position to sleep. Optimal sleeping position — on the side. If you have the stomach pulls or stomach ache, it is alarming symptoms. Remember that at this stage, the threat of late abortion. If you have any of these symptoms, do not expect bleeding and other symptoms, consult a doctor immediately. Fundus in 17 weeks is 2.5-3 fingers below the navel.

Fetus at 17 weeks’ gestation

The child at 17 weeks of gestation there is a full tubular differentiation (bronchiolar tree) and capillary (pulmonary capillaries) structures of the lungs. Fetal development continues. His body produces immunoglobulin M and A. But the most desired immunoglobulins G will be produced much later. So he gets them from the mother’s blood (the embryo in this respect less protected from infection). 250 grams of fruit weight, individual fetal growth (typically less than 25 cm). Sex of the child is clearly formed. Kid makes irregular breathing movements necessary to optimize his cardiovascular system. Oxygen also continues to come to him through the vessels of the umbilical cord.

Assays week seventeen of pregnancy

Assays for 17 weeks of gestation show a further increase of progesterone and placental lactogen. However, the doctor usually suffice general blood and urine tests.

Ultrasound at 17 weeks of gestation

Ultrasound on this term aims to conduct fetometry — measurement of the three main indicators, analyzing the doctor who makes conclusions about the right or pathological development of the child. On this term biparietal head size baby is 43 mm, the volume of the stomach 120 mm, length 30 mm femur. Also on ultrasound with Doppler estimated utero-placental blood flow (lack of oxygen if the child, whether the pathology of the placenta and so. D.).

ultrasound of fetus

Pain at 17 weeks of gestation

Sudden and severe pain at 17 weeks gestation suggest pathological processes occurring in the body. Wiggling toddler cause discomfort, but not pain. If you have a stomach ache, it could be a sign of acute cholecystitis, appendicitis, acute exacerbations of chronic gastritis, and so on. D. In the fifth month is better to be cautious in terms of sex. Careful approach to the selection of poses (you can use the pose on the side or a man in the back).

Such a thing as a cold, can bring you some unpleasant days. During his illness, try to stay in bed longer, treated broths raspberry or rose hips, drink plenty of ascorbic acid. But even if you do not get sick, meals must contain vitamins and minerals in large quantities. Follow the principle of frequent and fractional power.

Weight at 17 weeks

Weight at 17 weeks is estimated only in dynamics. So do not be guided by the weight gain friends. An accurate assessment of your weight gain will gynecologist.

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