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18 week eighteen of pregnancy

Pregnant woman is playing with a toy


Half of pregnancy is over, that can not affect the well-being of women. At 18 weeks of pregnancy comes a clear understanding that soon a woman becomes a mother. Behavior is due to a focus on their own well-being, a woman tries to find support from others. Possible emotional instability associated with the fact that at 18 weeks of pregnancy the child selects the amniotic fluid and fetoplacental blood flow more metabolic products.

What’s happening

On this term with pressure on the breasts can produce dense colostrum in small quantities. Uterine growth in the 20 weeks of pregnancy obstetric stops. This does not mean that it will no longer increase. Just the size of the uterus will become longer due to the growth, but due to the stretching of the muscle fibers. Thus, the 18 weeks from conception, characterized in that the walls of the uterus become thinner. Its volume will increase the time of delivery to five hundred times as compared with the state before pregnancy.

At 18 weeks from conception of a woman seriously disturbed calcium and phosphorus metabolism. Therefore, in the winter and autumn useful general sunbathing. They should take no more than 3 minutes. The middle of the fifth month of pregnancy — a time when women are softened ligaments, cartilage, synovial membranes. Thus, the body gradually increases the size of the entrance to the pelvis that occurs on a background of calcium-phosphorus deficiency. Possible violations of the support system. Pregnant need to be sensitive to their health during this period.

Fetal movements

At 18 weeks of gestation fetal movements active. And if mom forgets to take some food, they become even more intense. So the child responds to the lack of glucose. Many mothers, hearing the fetal movements, talk to him. Hearing of the child have been formed, but this conversation is more psychological significance.

Dedicated to the 18th week of pregnancy

Allocation during this period should be normal, light and heavy. Anxiety symptom — bleeding from the genital tract. They may be a sign of placental abruption, which began abortion and other pathological conditions.

Belly at 18 weeks of pregnancy

Stomach becomes more, and the amount of amniotic fluid is increased to 300 ml. Fundus is located two fingers below the navel. Because of the increased uterine stomach pulls that appears striated (extensions) on the skin. Continue to care for their skin, as done so far, and then your body after pregnancy will be as beautiful, what was before her. If stomach hurts, try to accurately articulate their complaints (what character this pain, where it is located, whether there is some other symptoms), and then contact a gynecologist.

Fetus at 18 weeks of pregnancy

The size of the fruit on this term 25-26 cm. The fetus at 18 weeks gestation weighing 300-350 grams. However, growth, and fetal weight individual. Fetal development is aimed at further development of the nervous system. Formed by six layers of the cerebral cortex, the typical adult. Special child nerve cells involved in the formation of blood-brain barrier. The child is fully formed vascular system of the brain that provides all his needs.

The child’s sex does not affect the behavioral responses, as predicted, many mothers. During this period, the baby makes a complex motor acts. He touches his hands face and head, often rotated around the axis tilts her head and tilts. Such seemingly chaotic movements indicate maturation of the vestibular apparatus.

Analysis at 18 weeks of pregnancy

In addition to the usual tests of urine and blood, the woman in this period is usually rents profile of blood glucose and coagulation (determination of blood clotting).

Ultrasound at 18 weeks of pregnancy

US during this period, not only assesses the child’s development and fetometricheskie indicators by which this estimate is made, but also the presence of small anomalies. It was on 18 week ends with the formation of the upper lip and palate children. Damaging factors in this period may lead to the appearance of defects («harelip» et al.). Similar anomalies are clearly visible on ultrasound.


Sex week eighteen of pregnancy

Sex on this term is not prohibited, but they need to be engaged with caution and only in those positions where there is no pressure on the uterus. Meals should contain a minimum of salt, because in this period the woman’s body, and so has a tendency to edema. Liquid limit should not, however, try to consume it in moderation.

Weight at 18 weeks

The gynecologist will appreciate your weight at 18 weeks and compared with the previous figures. Remember not so bad score a couple of extra pounds, as gleaning the same amount. First of all, my mother should think about the kid, not about her figure.

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