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19 week nineteen of pregnancy


What’s happening

The nineteenth week of pregnancy — the period when a woman’s body changes continue. Activated metabolic processes in the 19th week of pregnancy provide the growing needs of the child, uterus, placenta, and the optimal functioning of the body of the mother. In the blood lipid levels and body weight continues to grow. Normal increase of 21 obstetric week of pregnancy — 200-300 grams per week. The liver, uterus, placenta at week 19 from conception accumulates glycogen — a substance that provides a fast disintegration in the blood glucose delivery. The latest fruit consumes in large quantities. Many hormones (placental lactogen, progesterone, etc.) Are inherently contrainsular therefore necessary to control the blood glucose level at the beginning of 6 months. When malnutrition 19th week of pregnancy is often complicated by gestational diabetes.


Woman feels good fetal movements that occur more often. Irritation particular structures — baroreceptor — uterus and fetal placenta parts leads to increased uteroplacental blood flow, and hence increase revenues to fetus and oxygenated blood glucose. Therefore, the baby very active in the morning, after an overnight fast.

Dedicated to the 19th week of pregnancy

Dedicated to the 19 week should be bright and clear, not unlike the discharge of the previous weeks. Particularly dangerous disease in this period is candidiasis. Not dangerous for pregnant women fungus is extremely dangerous to the fetus. Fungi have a high tropism (affinity) to the fetal brain, rich in glycogen. A development of the CNS during this period is particularly intense. Therefore, you should pay attention to the typical cheesy discharge and other symptoms of the disease.

Stomach 19 weeks pregnant

Belly of a woman retains ovoidnuyu (egg) form. Its size physician assesses the dynamics. Gradual growth of the abdomen, waist circumference varies individually. The uterus is 1.5-2 cm below the navel. The child’s weight about 400 grams, and continues to grow.

Fruit week nineteen of pregnancy

The size of the fruit for about 27 cm. The development of the fetus during this period has been particularly active: formation of the central nervous system. In it there are special cells Kohalya — Retzius that produce the desired glycoprotein — relin. Last regulates the migration of nerve cells involved in the formation of the correct order of layers of the cerebral cortex and performs many other functions poorly known. Adverse effects on the fetus during this period (alcohol, radiation, certain medicines) involves a violation Bookmark Kohalya cells. These children are at increased risk of mental retardation, epilepsy, mental disorders.

Fetus 3 month in the womb.

Begins to form alveolar lung unit involved in gas exchange with the pulmonary capillaries. It represents the end of the bronchioles in the form of bubbles and begins to fully operate immediately after birth.


A woman may experience a variety of pain — as related to pregnancy, and not related to her. Particular attention should be paid to headaches. If this happens, you should immediately measure blood pressure. In the second trimester may pathology called preeclampsia (toxemia). It has three characteristic features: protein in the urine, and swelling increased blood pressure. It is desirable to measure the pressure 2 times per day.


You continue to take the overall analyzes at each visit to the doctor. They show a gradual decrease in the level of hemoglobin and increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate. The urine should be no glucose and protein. If necessary, controlled by hormones. The amount of free estriol is 22-27 nmol / L, the median concentration of B-subunit HCG — 19 500 IU per liter of blood, there continues to fall. AFP concentration, by contrast, increases to 32 weeks obstetric. Research on hCG and AFP is usually carried out up to 19 weeks from conception. If you did not pass a screening ultrasound, then do it now.

Power to the 19 week

Principles of food remain unchanged throughout the pregnancy. Try to provide a sufficient amount of the growing child and energy resources. Be sure to eat boiled meat, dairy products, vegetables, fiber-rich. Limit the amount of fluid in the evening, so as not to experience frequent urination.


It is better to abstain from sexual relations until the child is the formation of the central nervous system, but the decision is made by a woman. Prove dangerous in themselves are not a sexual relationship, but fluctuations in hormonal levels, increase blood flow to the genitals and other times do not always benefit the child.


Eat right, rest day enough time, avoid stress and physical activity, mark and tell your doctor about all the changes taking place with you.

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