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20 week twenty of pregnancy

Young attractive pregnant woman with the beautiful belly over white background

The twentieth week of pregnancy is characterized by a growing increase in the volume of circulating blood, increasing the total volume of red blood cells, the active use of iron by the body of the fetus (fetal hemoglobin synthesis). All of the above contribute to further reduce the iron content in the mother’s body. At 20 weeks of pregnancy the amount equal to 14.6 mmol / l. All this contributes to the fact that 20 weeks from conception — a period when a woman may feel weak.

If pregnancy occurs physiologically, then at 22 weeks of gestation obstetric reduced vascular resistance in the uterine arteries, which further enhances the fetoplacental blood flow. Also on 20 th week of pregnancy characterized by a gradual increase in the rate of blood clotting, increasing the load on the heart. However, this should not be observed arrhythmias. Over the next months (up to 32 weeks obstetric) BCC and the load is not the heart to increase.


Fetal movements regular. The child reacts to mood swings (stress dramatically increase glucose consumption and not enough fruit) women. If you stop wiggling at least 1-2 days (what happens when fetal death), it is an indication for immediate recourse. Highlight a woman does not change compared with the previous week. Their number, color, odor remain the same.

Stomach 20 weeks pregnant

Fundal approaching the umbilicus, but still located 1 cm below it. Stomach increases smoothly. Its size depends on the total weight gain. Pay attention to the shape of your belly. Normally, it is ovoid, that is similar to the egg. If the abdomen on this term is very big and round, you should perform the ultrasound, because it may indicate polyhydramnios.

Fruit week twenty of pregnancy

Fruit size 28-29 cm, weight — 500 grams. Further development of the fetus include changes in the respiratory and central nervous system. Ends with the formation of alveolar apparatus of the child. The alveoli are lined with a layer of particular phospholipid called surfactant. That he warns spadenie pulmonary bubbles — the alveoli during expiration due to reduction of surface tension. This substance is synthesized in the body cells of the baby — alveolocytes 2 diabetes.

The dimensions of the baby’s brain grow. Start progressing intracortical processes in the brain appear separate cytoarchitectonic field, responsible for various functions in the body. Also increases the area of the limbic cortex, responsible for emotions, behavior, memory, sleep, instincts, and more.

But the most important event in the development of the central nervous system of the fetus is that the structure of the brain begin to manage systems of regulation. That is, premature labor and child is viable under certain conditions it can go. Up to 22 weeks of fetal life outside the woman’s impossible.

In addition to generalized (general) movements the child can perform purposeful movements. For example, thumb sucking, contact with the head or ears. These movements are made possible thanks to the emergence cytoarchitectonic fields.


The uterus reaches all large and presses on other organs, so there may be discomfort in the supine posture or prolonged standing on his feet. Long-term, intense cramping or abdominal pain should alert a woman. When they appear shows an urgent visit to the doctor.


Analyses woman passes by visiting the gynecologist. With 20 weeks from conception, this should be done every four weeks, with no complaints. Necessarily controlled blood glucose levels, blood clotting (coagulation).

Placental lactogen level in the period 4300-4700 ng / mL, Estriol 23-31 nmol / L progesterone 67-83 nmol / l. However, the rate of blood on hormones in women during this period is not taken.

US by this time a woman has had to go through. Therefore, it is carried out only for medical reasons (violation of fetoplacental blood flow, diagnosis of polyhydramnios, suspected intrauterine growth retardation, and so on. D.). The data fetometry following: biparietal diameter — 53 mm, 162 mm abdominal circumference, femur length of 39 mm.

Baby Ultrasound

Power to the 20 week

Need to eat often and fractional, given the ever-increasing needs of the child in minerals and vitamins. Due to the progressive reduction of iron in the diet of pregnant women should include meat. For optimal functioning of the intestines and prevent constipation drink kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt, yogurt, fresh apples.

Sex is not a definite risk, but if you can refrain from it, do it. If not — then intimate relationship should be gentle and only in certain positions, which will not harm the baby.

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