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Monthly Archives: Февраль 2015


23 week twenty three of pregnancy

At 23 weeks of pregnancy the cardiovascular system of women continues to operate with increased load. Increasing the size of the uterus on the twenty-third week of pregnancy, limits the […]

Galmour and style of young pregnant woman  with blue material

22 week twenty two of pregnancy

At 22 weeks of gestation lasts an increase in the functional activity of the liver. The intensity of lipid metabolism changes, so the 22th week of pregnancy characterized by increased […]

pregnant woman put a toy heart to his stomach

21 week twenty one of pregnancy

Twenty-first week of pregnancy marked hypotension increasing gastrointestinal tract. These changes are not dramatic and sudden nature, but develop in a woman’s body gradually. At 21 weeks of pregnancy the […]

Young attractive pregnant woman with the beautiful belly over white background

20 week twenty of pregnancy

The twentieth week of pregnancy is characterized by a growing increase in the volume of circulating blood, increasing the total volume of red blood cells, the active use of iron […]


19 week nineteen of pregnancy

What’s happening The nineteenth week of pregnancy — the period when a woman’s body changes continue. Activated metabolic processes in the 19th week of pregnancy provide the growing needs of […]

Pregnant woman is playing with a toy

18 week eighteen of pregnancy

Feelings Half of pregnancy is over, that can not affect the well-being of women. At 18 weeks of pregnancy comes a clear understanding that soon a woman becomes a mother. […]

Happy pregnancy

17 week seventeen of pregnancy

What’s happening Fetal movement at 17 weeks of pregnancy are becoming more active, which can not but affect the well-being of women. At 19 weeks of pregnancy midwife in a […]

Pregnant female in summer park

16 week sixteen of pregnancy

What’s happening At 16 weeks of gestation in a woman’s body begins to increase again the concentration of the active substance — interleukin-1, the function of which is to protect […]

Pregnant happy woman touching stomach

15 week fifteen of pregnancy

What’s happening From 17 weeks of pregnancy obstetric lobules of the breast women increases even more, they appear fat inclusions. By the 15th week from conception all women notice dark […]


14 week fourteen of pregnancy

What’s happening At 14 weeks of pregnancy the woman is a relative iodine deficiency. The need for iodine increases the mother’s body. This is due to two factors: increased urinary […]