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Daily Archives: 14.02.2015

Pregnant happy woman touching stomach

15 week fifteen of pregnancy

What’s happening From 17 weeks of pregnancy obstetric lobules of the breast women increases even more, they appear fat inclusions. By the 15th week from conception all women notice dark […]


14 week fourteen of pregnancy

What’s happening At 14 weeks of pregnancy the woman is a relative iodine deficiency. The need for iodine increases the mother’s body. This is due to two factors: increased urinary […]

happy pregnancy

13 week thirteen of pregnancy

What’s happening 15 obstetric week of pregnancy in women continues to increase blood volume. This is due to the growth of uterine-platsentaranogo circulation, increasing blood supply to the breast enlargement, […]

Beautiful pregnant woman relaxing on grass

12 week twelve of pregnancy

What’s happening 14 weeks of pregnancy, obstetric — an important time for women. Gradually she increased the volume of the anterior pituitary. It is necessary to have at 12 weeks […]

pregnant redhead with butterfly on belly

11 week eleven of pregnancy

What’s happening A woman comes in 2 trimester of pregnancy. From the 11th week of pregnancy begins a period of intensive growth of the fetus and placenta. In this case, […]

Happy pregnant woman eating

10 week ten of pregnancy

What’s happening The tenth week of conception linked to improvements in women. Disappear discomfort: nausea, morning headache. This is due to a number of changes taking place in the placenta. […]

Pregnant woman with the beautiful belly isolated on white background

9 week nine of pregnancy

What’s happening At 11 weeks of pregnancy midwifery continuing growth of the placenta. Embryonic period can be considered as the final completion. Also 9 weeks of pregnancy characterized by a […]

Beautiful pregnant young happy woman

8 week eight of pregnancy

What’s happening In the mother’s body continues to increase the concentration of the female hormone — progesterone synthesized by the ovaries. It reduces the excitability of the uterus, mammary glands […]

belly of a pregnant woman on nature

7 week seven of pregnancy

On the seventh week of pregnancy begins active development of the placenta, increasing the intensity of the blood flow. Growing amnion. Evolutionary significance of the amnion — the creation of […]

Belly of pregnant woman with the beautiful belly over white background

6 week six of pregnancy

Sensations and symptoms at 6 weeks of gestation On the sixth week of pregnancy, a woman may get tired more quickly than usual. Especially hard she has to in the […]