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21 week twenty one of pregnancy

pregnant woman put a toy heart to his stomach

Twenty-first week of pregnancy marked hypotension increasing gastrointestinal tract. These changes are not dramatic and sudden nature, but develop in a woman’s body gradually. At 21 weeks of pregnancy the uterus increases in size more, putting pressure on the bladder and intestines. In addition, neurohumoral changes 23 obstetric week of pregnancy continue to hypotonic effect on the smooth muscles of the intestine. Appear typical violations bowel movement — constipation during pregnancy.

Also 21th week of pregnancy — the period when the enlarged uterus causes displacement of the stomach. He shifted upwards and backwards, it increases the pressure, changes the angle of the connection between the intestine and the stomach. The woman in the 5.5 months of pregnancy can appear heartburn caused by reflux of acidic stomach contents into the esophagus.

Feelings week twenty one of pregnancy

Fetal movements become habitual. They can cause short-term discomfort. However, regular baby move indicates that he was all right. What happens? The fetus develops, makes constant motion, touches the umbilical cord, their ears or head. In order to reduce the activity of the child, some sources recommend to sing him a lullaby. Instead, the woman is better to eat a little sweet. Raising the level of glucose in the blood, you agree to enhance its arrival in the intervillous space, and from there to the fetus by the umbilical vein. Light stroking of the abdomen will help relieve muscle spasm of the muscles of the uterus. It is important to remember that the discomfort occur against the backdrop of intense perturbations, do not last long, not accompanied by discharge from the genital tract and other alarming symptoms.

Stomach 21 weeks pregnant

On the mean abdominal circumference can speak only in the third trimester. Until then the doctor will measure your belly and weight control at each visit, assessing changes in the dynamics. Weight gain should be 250-300 grams each week. Fundus is at 0.5 cm below the navel.


The average size of the fruit is 30-31 cm and a weight of 550-600 grams. In the development of the fetus is still in the first place is the intensification of the processes in the cerebral cortex. At week 23, the layers of the cerebral cortex are clearly differentiated. The baby is head up, but often rotated around its axis, tips and tilts her head. Strengthening movements due to the maturation of the vestibular-cochlear apparatus in the inner ear (responsible for balance). Continues to increase subcutaneous fat layer. The child’s body stores brown fat and glycogen, which it will need immediately after birth. As the maturation of fetal CNS demonstrates complex behavioral acts that are measured on a scale. Clearly distinguishable phases of slow sleep (there is no movement of the trunk and eyeballs), rapid eye movement (movement are present), and quiet wakefulness pronounced activity (manifested perturbations). Almost 80% of the time the child is sleeping.


Pain in pregnant women should be carefully evaluated and differentiate. Sudden, severe pain anywhere in the body — a phenomenon abnormal. Should be excluded cardiac, surgical and vascular causes pain. Cramps in the calf muscles may be associated with hypocalcemia. Calcium is actively spent on the construction of the skeleton of the fetus, so the woman’s body he must act in sufficient quantities.


At 21 weeks of pregnancy is usually sufficient common blood and urine tests and blood tests for electrolytes. The first doctor interest indicators of calcium and phosphorus. Normal levels of calcium for the second trimester — 4.1 mmol / L, P — 1.53 mmol / L. Continues to decrease albumin protein fraction, reaching 28 g / l. Increased alkaline phosphatase and ACAT, speaking on condition of the liver.

Ultrasound is performed three times during pregnancy. At week 21, there is no need to repeat it. The exception is a condition in which requires constant monitoring. For example, placenta previa (placenta covers the internal os) ultrasound monitoring is carried out every 4 weeks regardless of gestational age.


Power to the 21 week

Increased consumption of calcium and phosphorus makes it necessary to obtain sufficient them with food. Most of the calcium contained in the poppy, nuts, cheeses (emmental, gouda, cheddar) cheese, rose hips, sesame halva. Sources of phosphorus — walnuts, fish, eggs, beans and peas. However, legumes pregnant is better not to use, as they contribute to constipation and flatulence.

Sex is contraindicated in threatened abortion, Cervical incompetence, placenta previa, and other states. In normal pregnancy there is no danger. However, expert advice — avoid deep penetration of the vagina and pressure on the stomach.

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