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23 week twenty three of pregnancy


At 23 weeks of pregnancy the cardiovascular system of women continues to operate with increased load. Increasing the size of the uterus on the twenty-third week of pregnancy, limits the mobility of the diaphragm, chest especially in the supine position. Intraabdominal pressure in women at 25 weeks gestation is increased together with the cardiac sphincter relaxation under the influence of hormones can lead to heartburn. Heart for 23 weeks from conception is more horizontally, so there may be changes in the ECG, which will be held after the birth. Also 23th week of pregnancy — the period when cardiac output woman reaches its maximum value. In the next few months, he will not change.


The woman continues to feel fetal movements. Each week they are more active and can bring discomfort. The peak of these sensations associated with its reversals, will be in the third trimester of pregnancy. What happens? Activity associated with the child during sleep — wakefulness. Therefore, it should not be active at the time, but prolonged absence of perturbations — an unfavorable sign.

Allocation week twenty three of pregnancy

Allocation does not change suddenly. They are colorless or slightly whitish, with no noxious fumes. Danger is bloody, cheesy, purulent discharge, accompanied by itching, redness of the vulva, pain when urinating or any other abnormal symptoms.

Stomach 23 weeks pregnant

The height of standing uterus — half a centimeter above the navel. While its height is about 25 cm. The uterus protrudes forward and is rapidly growing in length. Respectively, and the woman’s abdomen is constantly increasing in size, which will be reflected in your individual map pregnant. To measure the volume of the stomach every day is not worth enough to do it once a week. We should not forget about weight control. It should increase gradually, without abrupt jumps.


The baby continues to grow. The size of the fetus about 33 cm and weighs 760-840 grams. Fetal development is aimed at further maturation of the CNS. In it there are special pyramidal neurons — Betz cells. They form a chemical bond by synapses with front horns of the spinal cord, delivering muscle activity of the whole organism.

The child perceives sounds and light reacts to them. This is because the sensing system of the fetus is fully formed and functional. Therefore, during this period, it makes sense to talk to the kid, he was pleased to include music and so on.. Many women start to talk with the child still in the embryonic period. However, apart from the psychological effect for mom this action does not have any sense.


Pain in the back and legs in the absence of sufficient rest, wearing high-heeled shoes are common at this stage of pregnancy. Rare nagging pain in his side, showing the increased load on the uterine ligaments, may also occur. Dangerous sharp epigastric pain, and any discomfort, accompanied by other symptoms (high blood pressure, fever, discharge from the genital tract mucous character and not others.).


One of the analyzes, which gives the woman in this period — to determine the level of gamma-glutamyltransferase. This figure rises with symptoms of cholestasis (violation excretion of bile into the intestine). Also determined by the level of hemoglobin, blood cells and electrolytes, urine analyzes indicators.

Ultrasound at 23 weeks at a normal pregnancy is not performed. Research is needed to determine the pathology in the fetoplacental system, control the state of the baby at the previously identified pathology and so on. D. Indicators fetometry normal: biparietal head size — 62 mm, abdominal circumference — 198 mm, length of the femur — 46 mm.

Power to the 23 week

It is necessary to limit the number of fruit juices, as they often cause heartburn. During pregnancy should not use canned sodas. Vegetable juices are not contraindicated. Food should be warm, but not hot. Eat often and fractional. With persistent heartburn shows antacids (Almagelum et al.). One option is drugs from the group of proton pump blockers (lansoprazole et al.). Specific treatment can be prescribed only by your doctor. Sex is contraindicated in the presence of risk of premature birth, Cervical incompetence. Should take into account a woman’s desire, not desire her sexual partner.

Follow the advice of a doctor especially in terms of school attendance for the mother, where you will learn to care for a newborn, the principles of breastfeeding, hold psychoprophylactic preparation for childbirth.

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