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4 week four of pregnancy

Pregnant woman holding red heart

The fourth week of pregnancy — delay monthly for 2 weeks now and this is the main symptom of pregnancy and symptoms of pregnancy may not be apart of subfebrile temperature and uncertain feelings, uterine size less than a hen’s egg.

Pregnancy can be determined according to the test, the level of hCG and ultrasound.

Symptoms and sensations at 4 weeks of pregnancy

The fourth week of a characteristic sign of pregnancy — is the delay period. Sometimes there is a weakness, malaise, or low-grade fever (up to 37,5 °).

The fourth week of a woman may feel chest high sensitivity and a nagging pain in the abdomen. Mood swings can also disturb the future mother. In rare cases, this period begins toxicosis.

Basically feeling uncertain. It’s small enough time for major changes in health.

Fetation week four of pregnancy

By the middle of 4 weeks of pregnancy the embryo length 4 mm, already have heart rate.

Begins the formation of the umbilical cord, which necessarily contains two arteries and veins 2, right Vienna gradually closed. The dimensions of the embryo are very small, but it already has the beginnings of the nervous system, respiratory organs, limbs, eyes, nose. At this stage, the embryo is still there and gills.

The fourth week of the intestinal tube begins to form. From this stage of development of the fetus begins organogenesis. The fourth week — the period of formation of the nervous system. By the end of the week the fetus already has segments of spinal cord and brain. At the same time begins the formation of the respiratory and urinary system. Fetus there are two primary germ lung and kidney.

In addition to the gonads and neural tube in the embryo on ultrasound is already clearly visible limb buds and the region pulsating heart. The heart rate reached 130 beats per minute. An alarm — fetal heart rate of 100 and below. Especially if during this period the woman appeared allocation and low-grade fever.

The embryo is very fast growing and developing. On the fourth week of his brain takes up half of the neural tube, and by the end of this week are beginning to form spinal nerves and knots. In the brain, formed the beginnings of the hypothalamus.

Fetal heart has two chambers. By the end of the week there arises septum and thickening tissue from which will be formed in future atrio-ventricular valves. At this stage, the embryo has still gills. Holes gill slits in the future will give rise to the development of the middle ear, thyroid and parathyroid glands, nose, eyes.

Power to the 4th week

The most important trace element in the fourth week — folic acid. It reduces the risk of malformations of the nervous system, helps to correct formation of most organs and systems. From this week, a woman should give up coffee and strong tea.

The main way to prevent fetal malformation is correction vitaminodefitsitnogo condition of the woman. Prescribe vitamins for pregnant women.

For the normal development of the embryo and tissue regulation of tissue differentiation in the diet is introduced foods rich in vitamin A: beef liver, eggs, wild rose, apricots, tomatoes, bell peppers, spinach, celery, parsley.

For the metabolism of folic acid and iron in the mother useful products containing vitamin C: berries, citrus fruits, walnuts. Vitamin C strengthens blood vessels and has a positive effect on the rheological properties of the blood of the mother.

For the proper formation of the fetal lung tissue helpful foods rich in vitamin E: unrefined vegetable oil, wheat germ, or rye. Vitamin E is included in the composition of cell membranes and acts as an antioxidant.

If a pregnant woman comes early toxicosis, it is useful to eat foods rich in vitamin H (biotin): peas, nuts, oatmeal, egg yolk, beef liver. However, expectant mothers should know that a large amount of fat-soluble vitamins (A, E, D) can have a toxic effect on the fetus.
 1 vitamin A
 2 With Vitami
 3 vitamin E
 4 Vitamin H (Biotin)

Complex vitamins

Lack or excess of vitamin C can cause abortion. Lack of vitamin B6 affects the occurrence of early abortion. Pregnant useful to include in the diet products from wheat flour, unrefined cereals, pomegranates.
Uzi in the fourth week of pregnancy

On US heart rate of 110-130 beats / min, if the heart rate <100 beats / min - this is a bad prognostic sign, especially in combination with abdominal pain and spotting. Ultrasound photographs of pregnancy

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