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5 week five of pregnancy

belly of a pregnant woman on nature

Sensations and symptoms 5 weeks pregnant

In the fifth week of pregnancy accurate sign of pregnancy is the lack of regular menstruation, pregnancy symptoms appear questionable — changes in appetite, morning sickness, perversion of taste and smell, irritability, tearfulness, drowsiness.

High levels of progesterone, conservation and progression of pregnancy, affects the well-being of women a feeling of chilling, fatigue, low-grade temperature and intestinal atony as constipation.

Allocation for the 5th week

Mammary glands begin to grow and become sensitive. There may be vaginal discharge. If they are not accompanied by pain in the abdomen and not abundant, the woman does not need to worry — it’s normal for the fifth week. A sure sign of pregnancy — absence of menstrual periods. Important in this period is to determine the level of human chorionic gonadotropin.

It is worth noting that every woman pregnancy proceeds differently. Many women do not feel ill health and do not notice any changes in your body.

Future child is very sensitive to the environment. A woman is not only the most to give up alcohol and smoking, but do not be around smoking people. Whether the woman was planning a pregnancy, or just know about it, the fifth week — the time when you need to see a doctor to get registered. A visit to the gynecologist in the early stages will help prevent pregnancy complications.

Fetation week five of pregnancy

The length of the embryo at 5 weeks of gestation for 6 mm, there is an intensive development of the tab and the main parts of the embryo: the brain, heart and blood vessels, stomach, intestines, liver, extremities, and the handles are growing faster legs, pulmonary system — the trachea and bronchi. Differentiate individual organs such as the heart.

In the fifth week, the embryo is formed intensively brain. Nerve fibers appear to be sent from the internal organs of the fetus to the brain. Trachea, esophagus, bladder, and rectum begin to isolate themselves from each other. Spine grows in length, forming the first bend. Improving the structure of the pancreas.

Germ cells migrate to the rudiments of the sex glands begin to separate a sexual rollers. Shaping the future of germ cells, from which, depending on the floor will be developed sperm or egg.

From embryonic tissue grows primary placenta (chorion). This process increases and improves blood circulation of the embryo. The mother’s body begins to adapt the vascular system of the uterus to blood flow in the placenta and the blood supply to the fetus.

Uzi in the fifth week

According to the US clarifying the location of the ovum in the uterus, most often it is defined by the rear wall of the uterus in the bottom. It is this area is the most favorable for the further development of pregnancy. On US necessarily determined by the size of the embryo and gestational sac gestational age, the presence of heart in the embryo, the number of embryos. It is at this stage of the most accurately establish gestational age by ultrasound in the absence of data on menstruation.

Ultrasound of my little baby

Very important in this period is the study of the level of human chorionic gonadotropin — ß-hCG in the dynamics, especially in case of abdominal pain and bloody discharge. In normal pregnancy progressive concentration of ß-hCG doubles every 24-48 hours.


It was in early pregnancy laid the future health of your child, so you need to take care of their nutrition, taking multivitamins containing folic acid necessarily (prevention of malformations in the fetus) and iodine (the correct formation of the nervous system, the brain), the correct distribution of working time , recreation and physical activity.

Toxicosis 5 week: how to fight?

Introduced toxicosis may not allow pregnant women to adhere to a full diet. During this period can increase the need for salt or spicy food. It can meet reasonable range without damage to health.

Fight with toxemia desirable natural, natural means, without the use of drugs. It is desirable to use the most digestible foods. In the morning, lying in bed, you can eat a light yogurt or apple. It is forbidden to use drugs if they are not prescribed by a doctor. If a woman is worried about nausea, recommended protein products of animal origin substitute vegetable proteins, and dairy products — fermented milk.


During this period, it is important not to hurt (ARI, influenza, herpes, childhood infections) due to the negative impact of viral diseases on embryogenesis, especially rubella, and may result in termination of pregnancy. Weight gain yet, but do not overeat.

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