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7 week seven of pregnancy

belly of a pregnant woman on nature

On the seventh week of pregnancy begins active development of the placenta, increasing the intensity of the blood flow. Growing amnion. Evolutionary significance of the amnion — the creation of the water shell around the embryo, developing on land. Amniotic water — this power to the fetus (fetus swallows them) and the product of his life (the selection of primary urine), and the zone that promotes its protection — in the waters of the fruit flies, moves, grows in all directions, in front of water birth as a wedge to help Disclosure cervical fetal facilitate removal from the uterus. At the time of her delivery volume reaches 1 l.

Sensations and symptoms at 7 weeks pregnant

For the seventh week of pregnancy, lethargy and nausea — a common physiological state of the expectant mother, caused by hormonal changes in the body. Very often there are new gastronomic cravings or desire to learn something new (eg, closer to art). Although it has not yet surrounding external characteristics may determine pregnancy.

Breast changes and figures

A typical symptom for most pregnant women is breast enlargement and tenderness in it. Hormonal changes helps redistribute adipose tissue. The female figure becomes more rounded shape. But at the same time, hormonal changes worsen the skin condition. It may become more oily and loose. May appear pimples and dark spots.

Allocation week seven of pregnancy

Selection can take on a yellowish tint. This is a consequence of the rapid updating of the vaginal epithelium and increase blood flow. If bloody discharge, a woman should see a doctor immediately. Perhaps the uterus is in hypertonia and there is a risk of abortion.

Fetation week seven of pregnancy

By the 7th week of pregnancy, the embryo size for 18 mm. / P>

Embryo acquires species-specific features of the person. Formed kidney, adrenal glands, ureters. Split fingers and toes. Seen stick movements to face, big finger touches the mouth, sucking movements appear first. Eyes wide open, as the century yet. Laid the baby teeth.

Blood flow increases due to expansion of placental vessels. In the lumen of the spiral arteries accumulate giant cells, which prevents the penetration of erythrocytes mother. With the formation of placental-fetal circulation fetus grows more intense.

Eyes still wide open, eyebrows well developed. There are phases of sleep and active movements, there are isolated arm movements. On this term have been formed all the main walls of the heart. Heart rate — from 130 to 160 beats per minute. On US is not yet possible to determine the sex of the child. Such a survey on the seventh week is prescribed only in cases of suspected multiple pregnancy.


Expectant mother will have to come to terms with the fact that you need to change your diet to ensure normal development of the fetus. This does not mean that you should eat for two. Good nutrition should include a sufficient amount of fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

About fatty foods

The total amount of fat should not exceed 90 g per day and the protein intake is increased to 200 g per day. The need for vitamins increases by 1.5 times. Do not get carried away fatty foods, because the body has its own reserves (exception — a woman with a deficit of body weight).

Vitamin and mineral complex

The diet should be adjusted to the seasonal features of the vitamin content of foods. It is recommended to take special vitamin-mineral complexes for pregnant women. Recommended daily diet include dairy products.

Oddities in gastronomic desires — a frequent companion of a pregnant woman. Doctors sometimes allowed to go to them to make concessions. If the body constantly demands sweets, they can be replaced by a more useful dried fruits and chilled yogurt with berries can replace ice cream.

Cope with toxemia

If, due to toxicity woman can not tolerate meat, should be replaced by other proteins: legumes and dairy products. In the morning advised to eat without getting up from bed. It helps to cope with nausea. For such a breakfast fit yogurt, fruit, crackers or bread. It is advisable not to burden the liver fried food. It is better to eat foods that are steamed.

Ultrasound at 7 weeks pregnant

According to the US is considered to be the period of pregnancy, and not from the moment of conception, and on the first day of the last menstrual period, the head is visible as a separate anatomical education, visible movement fetal yolk sac — 0.6 cm. In heart rate of 140-160 beats / min.

My little baby

This is the time to get up at antenatal clinics. Objectives of the visit:
—  establishment of uterine pregnancy and her life,
—  inspection on a chair,
—  evaluation of the cervix, especially with abdominal pain,
—  smears on the flora and infections
—  drawing up an individual plan of survey
—  advice on nutrition, work, rest.

  Considering the active development of the fetus, appointed a multivitamin containing minerals and antioxidants. Necessarily fixed weight mothers. Weight gain yet.

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