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8 week eight of pregnancy

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What’s happening

In the mother’s body continues to increase the concentration of the female hormone — progesterone synthesized by the ovaries. It reduces the excitability of the uterus, mammary glands increases, and performs other functions. However, the increase of its concentration reduces intestinal peristalsis (promotion contents of the intestines slows down) — the tenth week of pregnancy can begin constipation.

Yellow body — a special temporary endocrine gland in the female body, which is formed after ovulation and produce hormones progesterone, continues to play a dominant role in the regulation of changes in a woman’s body. Its function is to maintain the pregnancy and braking education follicles (ie, new eggs do not mature).

Starting at 8 weeks from conception increases blood flow to the female genitals. Externally, it can be expressed cyanosis (cyanosis) and slight swelling of the external genitalia.

Allocation to 8 weeks of pregnancy

Eighth Week — a time when around the vessels of the placenta is an active breeding special cells — fibroblasts, which synthesize collagen protein. Female necessarily consume sufficient amounts of vitamins A and C. Their deficiency prevents the formation of collagen and may lead to spontaneous abortion. Symptoms are the last bloody brown discharge, discomfort or cramping in the lower abdomen, nausea, vomiting, drooling, and other non-specific complaints.

Belly of 8 weeks pregnant

Increase in abdominal unobtrusive to others. Size of the uterus during this period does not exceed 10 cm. However, the stomach may be increased by bloating — increased gas in the intestines.


The eighth week of pregnancy marks the transition from the embryonic period to fetal, ie embryo at 8 weeks of pregnancy turns into a fetus. At 8 weeks the baby fingers are formed upper and lower extremities, greatly increasing the size of the head (up to half the length of the body), formed by the umbilical cord (umbilical cord). At 8 weeks of gestation the fetus is the size of 32-35 mm and weighs 5 grams.

In fetal connective tissue appear fat cells. Organ of gas exchange and allocation of the child — allantois functioning up to this point, begins to reduce it. In the future, together with the yolk sac, he will be part of the umbilical cord. Formation of the latter — an important stage in the development of the child. For this fetal membranes coated tube arterial blood to the fetus in two veins and venous flows off to his mother by the umbilical artery.

The child has already formed four-chambered heart. Hole between the ventricles at week 8 is closed, but the hole between the atria remains until birth. On the eighth week of conception formed the thymus gland necessary for the differentiation of T-lymphocytes (specialized cells of the immune system).


During this period, a woman passes a few tests.

1. The general analysis of blood and urine. These analyzes shall prior to each visit a gynecologist. Special interests physician hemoglobin, erythrocytes and hematocrit (ratio between plasma and formed elements). During pregnancy reduces the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin. By the end of last pregnancy lowered to values of 110-115 g / l at a normal baseline level. If a woman initially has iron deficiency anemia, the condition becomes threatening. Therefore, blood counts should be corrected prior to pregnancy, but, if necessary, treatment is given at this stage.

2. Blood glucose. The physician must quickly identify gestational diabetes mellitus (first arose during pregnancy).

3. Blood group and Rh factor of mother and father. Necessary to monitor antibody titer to avoid a miscarriage as a result of Rh-conflict.


Ultrasound at this stage of pregnancy is carried out only in the presence of medical indications. The ideal period for the first ultrasound is 9-11 weeks from conception.

Pain at 8 weeks of pregnancy

Pain can be a sign of how obstetric and somatic (general) pathology. Particularly dangerous symptoms are pain in the abdomen with the advent of bleeding. When you see such pain is required immediately consult a gynecologist.

Dining at week 8

It should be quite nutritious. Avoid foods rich in carbohydrates. Eat dairy products, cheese, meat, fruit. Need to restrict the use of grapes (because it contains a lot of sugar) and prunes (leading to constipation). Also not recommended milk, beans and cabbage, as these foods contribute to gassing.

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