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9 week nine of pregnancy

Pregnant woman with the beautiful belly isolated on white background

What’s happening

At 11 weeks of pregnancy midwifery continuing growth of the placenta. Embryonic period can be considered as the final completion. Also 9 weeks of pregnancy characterized by a maximum peak of human chorionic gonadotropin in the female body. Nine weeks from conception may be accompanied by unpleasant sensations for the mother. Phenomena such as headache, vomiting, excessive sweating, and nausea may be signs of toxicity.

9 weeks of pregnancy — a suitable period to choose a new bra, because in this period the breasts increase significantly under the influence of prolactin, synthesized by the placenta. Emotional swings women (the so-called mental lability) at 9 weeks of pregnancy become visible to others. They are based on stimulation of subcortical brain structures (reticular formation, etc.). Therefore, a woman must know that everything that happens to her during this period, it is absolutely normal.

Allocation to 9 weeks of pregnancy

Normally, the allocation for 9 weeks pregnant and transparent viscous enough. Their number is small. The appearance of foam, cheesy, or any other selections, including the accompanying unpleasant odor is a sign of diseases of the genital tract. Wherein the temperature remained normal. Note that a slight rise in temperature in the absence of any other signs of disease can be a normal one.

Belly of 9 weeks pregnant

Uterus during this period has not yet reached the symphysis pubis, but already of sufficient size to cause mild discomfort. The volume of amniotic fluid for 9 week about 40 ml. The abdomen becomes ovoidnuyu (ovoid) form. Its dimensions are unique.

Fruit week nine of pregnancy

The cardiovascular system of the fetus is actively working to provide blood flow to organs and tissues. However, unlike the adult organism, yet there is no clear delineation of arterial and venous blood. Weight of the child reaches 8 grams. At 9 weeks of pregnancy, fetal size is 5 cm. The word «embryo» to 9 weeks of pregnancy is no longer used. Fetal development during this period involves the formation of the excretory system. The average size of the kidneys only 5 mm. And, despite their functional immaturity, they secrete the urine in the bladder. From there, the urine flows into the amniotic fluid, and then the mother’s bloodstream.


At 11 weeks, the women held obstetrical examination of blood for syphilis, HIV, takes blood chemistry (defined by bilirubin, creatinine, total protein, urea). As determined by indicators of hCG. The urine hCG begins to stand at 12-14 days after conception, but the highest level reaches right now. Then his concentration starts to fall and will be maintained at a stable level to 32-34 obstetric week. The role of this hormone is to prevent rejection of the fetus the mother’s body (immunosuppressive effect).

Reduced levels of hCG is typical of developing pregnancy or threat of interruption. Increasing — for multiple pregnancies, hydatidiform mole, chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus. Determination of HCG is one of the screening methods of genetic abnormalities.

The second important hormone — progesterone — is responsible for increasing the amount of sodium in the body of the pregnant woman. It is necessary for the removal of metabolic products of the fruit. It also possesses immunosuppressive properties. Reduced synthesis of progesterone by the placenta leads to the development of placental insufficiency and intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR).

Ultrasound at 9 weeks pregnant

During this period, the first ultrasound is performed. Some women make the US much earlier, but this is generally not necessary to safely carry out research in the early stages without good reason. After 3 to 8 th week of conception the embryo passes a critical period of development, so the impact of any factors should be minimized. On ultrasound diagnostician determines the sex of the child, the presence of any abnormality of the placenta and the baby, the amount of amniotic fluid, and others.

Pain at 9 weeks pregnant

When 9 weeks gestation loin pain, it may be an indication of both pathological and physiological changes in the body. The latter include tension broad and round ligament of the uterus. For the first — renal failure. Nephropathy pregnant — this is a serious condition that requires medical attention. Pay attention to the severity of pain, fever, change in color of urine and other symptoms.

Diseases 9 weeks pregnant

It should be quite nutritious. Avoid foods rich in carbohydrates. Eat dairy products, cheese, meat, fruit. Need to restrict the use of grapes (because it contains a lot of sugar) and prunes (leading to constipation). Also not recommended milk, beans and cabbage, as these foods contribute to gassing.


Pregnancy — not a reason to give up sex life. Of course, provided that a woman carries a pregnancy well. It is 9 weeks from conception, you can have sex, because in critical periods of development of the child, it is contraindicated. Improving hormonal levels enhances a woman’s libido, so sex at this time is particularly pleasing.

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